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Michigan State University bans whiteboards … say, what?

February 24, 2017

This one gave me a false-positive flashback …


First, the flashback…

When we moved into our new business school building a decade ago (yeah, it has been that long), I was assigned a new office.

It was at the end of a corridor (as far away from the academic action as they could put me) with a clear view of the building’s commercially-sized air conditioners and the Jesuit graveyard (no kidding).

One complete wall in the office was floor-to-ceiling with book shelves.

Since I only had 6 books (5 of them borrowed), I took out all but the top book shelf (which was suitable for displaying memorabilia) and installed a self-purchased whiteboard (a necessity, right?).


In short order, I got visit from the Dean.

One of my colleagues had ratted me out for making an unauthorized alteration to my office.

Apparently, my whiteboard had violated some common law community standards.

I got off with a slap on the wrist (remember, Gtown is a Catholic school) … but still have occasional nightmares.


OK, fast forward to today in Lansing, Michigan where whiteboards are now officially contraband.


In Philly, Mayor Nutter apparently was replaced by Mayor Nuttier …

January 11, 2016

The most recent former mayor of Philadelphia was named Michael Nutter.

His successor – the current Philly mayor – is James Kenney.

Channeling President Obama, Mayor Kenney hit the airwaves on Friday to declare that the shooting of a Philly cop “had nothing to do with being Muslim”.

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Say, what?

The Mayor’s comments followed a police new conference announcing that the shooter said that he “had pledged allegiance to ISIS and that he targeted an officer because police defend laws that are contrary to the Quran.”



And, that’s not all …