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USAA sends active military and veterans an insulting Memorial Day card.

May 27, 2017

A couple of friends – veterans all – alerted me that USAA – the insurance company that caters to military veterans and their families has announced – on the run-up to <e,orial Day — that it’s joining with progressives and pulling ads from some Fox News programs.

Sure enough.

According to the Washington Post:

Financial services firm USAA is adding itself to the list of companies that have pulled advertising from Fox News Channel shows.


According to USAA, its actions are completely unrelated to the progressives’ Fox boycott:

“Our policy is to run ads on news programs. There was an error which led to our ads running during opinion-based programs, and as soon as that was discovered, the error was corrected.”

Unfortunately (for USAA), there’s a major flaw in their storyline…


Commander-in-Chief: Clinton or Trump?

September 8, 2016

NBC: “Trump comfortably earns the support of military-affiliated voters overall 55% to 36%”.


What a week.

CNN reports a poll with Trump leading Clinton.

Then yesterday, NBC released a poll of military personnel & veterans.

My hunch: NBC was expecting Clinton to win that poll … and probably planned to headline the results in last night’s commander-in-chief forum.



Here’s the rub:

While Hillary holds a slim lead across the broad base of registered voters, Trump wins big — by 19 points — among current military & veterans.image


Drilling down, a majority of military folks are confident of Trump’s “ability to be commander–in-chief”.

Not so for Hillary.

Only about 30% of military folks are confident of Clinton’s ability to be commander–in-chief.



P.S. I watched the entire NBC commander-in-chief forum last night.

Here’s my take …


Is 150 a big number or a little number?

September 12, 2014

In his speech this week, President Obama said:

Last month, I ordered our military to take targeted action against ISIL to stop its advances. Since then, we have conducted more than 150 successful airstrikes in Iraq.

He made it sound like a big deal … and built on the point, saying that the air strikes would continue across a wider target area.  Possibly extending into Syria.

Picture from NATO web site

Of course, the comment got me thinking … are 150 airstrikes a lot or a little?

Works out to about 5 missions per day … which doesn’t strike me as up there with shock & awe.

But, I wanted to put 5-a-day in context and got some counsel  from a friend…