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Latest honor: The Budweiser ‘Good Sport’ Award

July 5, 2017

Here it is on the Washington Nationals’ Jumbotron …


And, besides being flashed to the crowd, here’s the bundle of loot that I got …


Score higher on the SATs … GUARANTEED!

October 13, 2016

Just make sure that your parents went to college.


The College Board has just released it’s “Total Group Profile Report” for 2016 college-bound seniors …

One set of numbers caught my eye:

SAT scores by the student’s parents level of educational attainment.


Note that about 2/3’s of the college-bound seniors taking the SAT came from homes with a degreed parent – either associate, bachelor or graduate.

Only about 1/3 came from homes with parents having only a high school education or less.

And, the performance differentials are substantial between the groups …