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Perspectives on climate change …

April 24, 2017

To celebrate Earth Day, there was a Science March in DC on Saturday.

There were many serious scientists worried about Trump de-funding their work.

There were also the usual cadre of cause-chilling climate change zealots.



Whenever I see these folks I reach back for some grounded perspective from political commentator (and comedian) Dennis Miller …


What’s up (or down) with oil prices?

December 22, 2015

I’m sure you’ve noticed that gas prices have come down at the pump.

If you follow the economy or the stock market, you’ve certainly noticed that oil prices have come down … a couple of years ago it was selling for over $130 per barrel … now it’s selling for under $35.

Most pundits chalk it up to slowing economic growth in China.

But, that sounded too simple to me, so I started asking some questions … why’s it happening? who’s getting helped or hurt?




Here’s my current theory of the case …


Did you notice the Global Warming hysteria in DC over the weekend?

December 14, 2015

No, I’m not talking about the Paris Accords … I’ll get to them later.

I’m talking about Christmas shoppers strolling the streets of DC in shirtsleeves with temps in the 70s.



I heard a lot of comments like “This is sweet” and “Who needs Florida?”

I didn’t overhear anybody saying “But, what will happen to the earth 10,000 years from now?” or “How about those Paris Accords?”

So, I feel obligated to draw attention to the “historic” Paris Climate Change Accords.


Are people buying in to climate change?

December 4, 2015

How big of a worry is climate change?

According to Gallup, a slim majority of Americans think that climate change is “not a worry at all” or is “a little bit of a worry”.

Hardly hysteria.

The issue ranks #14 on Gallup’s list of top worries … about twice as many people think that the economy and government spending is a big deal.

People are way more concerned about crime & violence, terrorism and the availability & affordability of energy.




And, even more interesting than the polling data is how people are acting in the free market …


Still more climate change perspectives …

December 3, 2015

From “The Coming Ice Age” … to “Global Warming” … to “Climate Change” … to “Extreme Weather Events”

Yesterday, we looked at some of the doomsday forecasts about what’s likely to happen if world leaders don’t take significant anti-carbon action at the Global Summit on Climate Change.

Most of the doom & gloom comes from what scientists speculate happened here on earth a couple of hundred thousand years ago.

Like they have good data from a million years ago, right?

Today, let’s look at some more recent history.



First up is the 18 year “pause” in global warming.


Another Climate Change Perspective …

December 2, 2015

NY Times: Best & Worst Cases

Over the weekend, the NY Times published a piece by Curt Stager — a professor of natural sciences at Paul Smith’s College.

Prof. Stager’s opening salvo:

The cleanup (of the carbon already in the atmosphere) will take tens of thousands of years even if we switch quickly to renewable energy sources.

When the Earth’s slow cyclic tilting and wobbling along its eccentric orbital path once again leads to a major cooling period some 50,000 years from now, enough of our heat-trapping carbon emissions will still remain in the atmosphere to warm the planet just enough to weaken that chill.

Holy Smokes, Batman … 50,000 years




But, not to worry, Prof. Stager serves up a best case scenario…


Climate Change Perspectives …

December 1, 2015

Today: Warren Buffett

First, let’s put a couple of stakes in the ground …

I’m not a big Warren Buffet fan.

He’s a big fan of Barack Obama, and is always being rolled out as the sage of American business.

He whines about how his secretary’s marginal tax rate is higher than his … but, he doesn’t consider paying her more to cover the difference …  he just asserts that my taxes should be higher.

But, since he’s President Obama’s man, I wondered …


Where does Buffett come out on climate change?


Weather: Make it, don’t just report it.

January 25, 2013

A CEO I worked for used to oft say “ I pay you to make the weather, not just report it.”

I thought it was a clever line … and use it in class … to raise the old expectation’s bar.

Well, apparently former Mexican President, Felipe Calderon and his buddies at Davos heard the same admonition.


According to sources, the Davos leaders are calling for an unprecedented investment of $14 trillion to green the global economy, to stop climate change and to preempt hurricanes.

Here’s more …