Maybe Hillary should run for governor of California … here’s why.

She landslided California, but lost the combined popular vote in the other 49 states (& DC).


Dems are still carping that Trump’s ascendency is illegitimate since Hillary won the popular vote.

And, everybody knows that Hillary won big in California.

But, I was a bit surprised by how big her California win was … and its implications.

Bottom line: Clinton won the national popular vote by 2.8 million votes … buoyed by a 4.3 million edge in California.

Think about that for a second.



Yes, Clinton won California big time … but, Trump won the combined popular vote  of the other 49 states (& DC)

The MSM repeatedly observes that Trump followers drag their knuckles … and that Hillary dominated among the intelligensia.

So was Clinton’s success in California simply explained by Californians being smarter than the rest of the country?

Quick quiz: how does the average Californian’s IQ rack up against residents of other states?

The answer may surprise you ….


The United States IQ average  is ranked  #24 worldwide … with an average IQ of 98.

What about California? How does it rack-up against other states?

Answer: According to several sources, Californians’ average IQ is  95.5  (2.5 IQ points lower than the national average … ranking the state #48 in the U.S. (3rd from the bottom).

So much for the ‘dummies for Trump’ cliche … looks like they may have powered Hillary to a popular vote edge.

My suggestion: Clinton should dust off her Arkansas-to-New York carpetbag … move to California … run for Governor … and lead the state’s secession drive.

Why not?

Strikes me as a win-win …


Average IQ scores by state:




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One Response to “Maybe Hillary should run for governor of California … here’s why.”

  1. Paul Says:

    No sure I agree with the premise, but wouldn’t a better way to do this be weighted average of IQ x candidate vote by state?

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