For POTUS: One of Fortune’s “World’s Greatest Leaders” is a U.S. woman …

No, it’s not Hillary Clinton.

Fortune just released it’s list of the World’s Greatest Leaders.


The highest ranked woman snagged the #6 spot on the list …


Who else, but …

Taylor Swift.



According to Fortune:

Taylor Swift didn’t become the highest-paid woman in the music business by accident.

Pop’s savviest star has crossed swords with Spotify, embraced corporate sponsorship, and moved to secure dozens of trademarks (including phrases like “This sick beat”)—plus she has proved shrewder at honing a brand in the social media age than virtually any other person or company.

And she’s done it without resorting to dumbed-down salacious gimmickry. (Swift, ahem, is arguably the anti–Miley Cyrus.)

With 1989, the top-selling album in 2014, Swift’s efforts to ensure she gets paid for her music could have a huge ripple effect on the way artists are compensated in an era of free streaming.

Taylor Swift for President?

If you don’t like the idea then, well then …

Shake It Off, baby.


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