Zapped by my anti-virus software … say,what?

Had a disappointing technical problem over the weekend.



Here’s what happened and the lesson learned …


Tried to launch Internet Explorer and  got the dreaded message:


No big deal I thought … just recycle the modem and WiFi.

No luck, so rebooted the entire system

Still no luck.

Tried other browsers … they worked fine.

Reset all IE settings … still no luck.

Hated to do it, but uninstalled IE and reinstalled it.

Still no luck.

Search the internet for clues (using my Chrome browser).

Stumbled on an active tech chat forum.

Some guy posted that Norton did an automatic update the prior night that created a fatal conflict with Internet Explorer.

Had to connect a few dots: Norton acquired Symantec … my pc had Symatec anti-virus installed.

Could it be?

Uninstalled the Symantec anti-virus and …

BINGO: IE up and running again.

IRONY: I use anti-virus to keep from getting zapped … and I end up getting zapped by the anti-virus guys.

Loser #1: me since I waste several hours chasing down the problem.

Loser #2 Microsoft since the Norton-induced bug disable IE on millions of computers

Winner s #1 & #2:  Mozilla & Chrome which gained some users

Biggest Loert : Norton – Symantec …

IHow can anybody have confidence in anti-virus software that acts like a virus?



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