What privacy? Apparently teens don’t care …


Thanks to social media, today’s teens are the first to have a complete record of their whole lives — their thoughts, their actions, and  their friends.

Eric Schmidt — Google chairman and ex-CEO — worries, however, that they’ll be the first who’ll never be allowed to forget their mistakes.

Schmidt says:  “People are now sharing too much.”

More specifically, privacy pundits say that it just takes your name, zip code and birth date to ID you and start linking your online and offline personal data … forever.

Now, Pew has published a research study re: teen’s online habits .


Here are the Pew results …

Among teens that Pew surveyed:

  • 92% post their real name to the profile they use most often.
  • 91% post a photo of themselves, up from 79% in 2006.
  • 84% post their interests, such as movies, music, or books they like.
  • 82% post their birth date
  • 71% post their school name, up from 49%.
  • 71% post the city or town where they live, up from 61%.
  • 62% post their relationship status.
  • 53% post their email address, up from 29%.

Bottom line: Teens don’t seem to give a hoot about privacy.

Maybe when they get older …

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One Response to “What privacy? Apparently teens don’t care …”

  1. Craig Says:

    I wonder how much time and money went into that Pew study… anyone who actually uses Facebook (not just lurking) most likely has provided all eight.

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