Who’s the stronger leader – Putin or Obama ?

YouGov polled Americans on that very question. asking folks to to rate Obama and Putin – whether they are strong or weak leaders.

How would you have rated each of them: very strong, somewhat strong, somewhat weak, or very weak?



And the survey said …



78% said that Putin was a strong leader … 1 in 3 rated him “very strong”.




45% said that Obama was a strong leader …  but only 14%  rated him “very strong”.



Wonder what a survey of Russian folks would say …

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2 Responses to “Who’s the stronger leader – Putin or Obama ?”

  1. ST Says:

    I love the juxtaposition of the two photos selected: one has Putin fishing, shirt off and standing in a stream; Obama is riding a bike with an angled bar (usually found on a woman’s bike) and wearing a helmet as he rides on a bike path. Gee, Professor, I think I know where you fall in this debate!

  2. John Carpenter Says:

    Not sure where we are going with this. Strong = good?? It is possible most good leaders are strong, even with shirts on, but do good leaders have to be strong? Not all strong leaders are good….obvi.

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