Want to sell more to men? Just follow these 5 steps

No secret, men are shopping more than ever.

Around one-third of primary shoppers for groceries reportedly are now men.

Yet 40% of men feel unwelcome in retail stores …

Man shopping in grocery store


As men shop more and more,retailers need to make them feel comfortable in their stores,  Here’s how …

* * * * *

1. Men need to demonstrate their mastery of shopping.

Men like doing things they can do well. And hate doing things they aren’t good at. …they have never had the opportunity to learn how to be a good shopper. …empower him to demonstrate his mastery …and he will come away feeling he has done a good job.

Amazon has enabled millions of men to master buying music. Consumer reviews and lists provide what he needs to feel confident about his choices…

2. Performance is emotional.

Men want to know how products perform. Reasons to believe are truly reasons to buy. Performance provides a kind of “emotional functionality.” It helps men feel that their choice is more efficient, powerful or technologically advanced. Performance is the way to a man’s heart.

3. Men don’t browse, they carry out reconnaissance.

…when men find themselves popping into a computer store or surfing through 3-D-TV reviews online, they are not browsing — they are carrying out important reconnaissance. Perhaps that explains the drift from generalist to specialist stores. They need someone available to assist with their purchases… they seek out expert advisers and technological proof during their research.

…personalization also plays to the fact that men are more willing to pay for products and brands that are customized to their needs….

4. Men want products that reflect their progress in the world.

Sixty-eight percent of millennial men and more than 50% of Gen X men state a preference for brands that “show I have good taste,” … men are more likely to seek out brands that offer exclusivity; have market-leading position; suggest to others that they are successful; and have a “members-only feel,” … proof of quality and their good taste in the details….

5. Men want sanctuaries where they can be men again.

… the majority of men still do not view shopping as a leisure activity, perhaps because it still carries connotations of femininity. Yet the resurgence of traditional barbershops and emergence of male beauty zones suggests a boom in retail experiences that create a sanctuary for maleness…

So what’s key to winning his heart, mind and wallet? Understand the underlying emotional motivations for why men shop.


Excerpted from AdAge, “How to Connect With the Heart and Mind of the Male Shopper” by Simon Goodall, March 29, 2011



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