What do HealthCare.gov and Match.com have in common?

Well, nothing much since Match.com reportedly works. … at least for some people.

But, below is a clever analogy.


Everybody knows that the Administration reported that slightly over 100,000 people signed up for ObamaCare via the infamous exchanges in October.

But, not everybody is aware that those numbers may be a bit inflated.

Megan McArdle, writing in Bloomberg, nailed it:


The Obama administration … counted everyone who had put a policy in their online shopping cart, even if they hadn’t actually gone ahead and signed up.

By this logic, I am the proud owner of 28 items in my Amazon.com cart, including a hot pink laptop case and a fridge mount for an iPad model I don’t even own.

And, by this logic, everyone with a Match.com profile is married.

Can you imagine a a real world marketing program in 2013 that doesn’t report orders (i.e. sales) in real time … broken down by every demographic known to man.

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