McKinsey nailed it (in March) …

According to the Washington Post, the Obama administration brought in McKinsey to independently assess how the federal online health insurance enrollment system was developing.

And, McKinsey nailed it, “issuing a clear warning that the Oct. 1 launch was fraught with risks.”

This risk assessment was delivered to senior White House and Department of Health and Human Services officials in four briefings between March 28 and April 8.



“But with many of the project’s shortcomings now glaringly obvious, the report appears prescient in many respects”


The McKinsey report suggests that, in the run-up to its fall debut, the enrollment system was more troubled than administration officials have let on.

The Post says that the report …

… made it clear that programs of this scale are ideally pursued in a more orderly process, with “significant testing and revision” before they launch.

It also warned that the federal government largely depended on contractors to construct the marketplace, and that it lacked an overall “end-to-end operational view” of the system to ensure that its different parts worked well together.

McKinsey surmised that some of the project’s troubles occurred because there was “no single empowered decision-making authority,” or person in charge, who could make changes or define what constituted success.

Among the report’s specific recommendations …

Creating a “version 1.0” that was fully tested before the project was finished

Assigning a single leader to oversee its implementation.

Setting “shared metrics for success”

The administration finally got around to setting metrics in late October … a month after the web site launched.

Now, success is more clearly defined … 80% of the people trying to sign up are able to complete the task.

Say, what?

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