Work: “And, give me some fries on the side …”

The Feds keep reporting steady job growth.

What gets obscured by the headline is that t there’s a fundamental shift happening in the workforce.


Source: ZeroHedge

Here’s what’s going on …


There’s been a long-term shift out of manufacturing … partially offset by a growing service sector.

You know – restaurants, bars and hospitality.

A steady down-mixing from relatively high-paying full-time jobs to low-paying part-time jobs.

Take a hard recession … add a constant flow of anti-business rhetoric, a few executive orders to kill some industries, and incomprehensible, onerous healthcare legislation … and that’s what you get.

Good luck to the dude or dudette that inherits the Presidency in 2016.

They’ll be staring down a deep hole.

* * * * *
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