WaPo: Public SUPPORTS the Sequester’s budget cuts almost 2-to-1 …

Hot off the wire …

Despite the Administration’s dire warnings, the release of jailed  criminal immigrants and the slower-than-usual TSA checks …

The  Washington Post is reporting survey results indicating that 61% of folks support the Sequester’s budget cuts overall … though 60% oppose the cuts to military spending.

Said differently, folks overwhelmingly support the non-military donestic spending cuts.

That’s huge!


* * * * *
Here are some interesting details …

  • Democrats support the overall cuts: 57 to 38
  • A plurality of Liberals support the overall cuts: 50 to 43
  • Men overwhelmingly support the overall cuts: 70 to 26
  • Non-whites support the overall cuts: 52 to 41
  • Low income folks support the overall cuts: 57 to 37


* * * * *
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