Obama pledges (again): “Won’t increase the deficit by one dime” … say, what?

First, I have to admit that I was part of the vast majority of Americans who didn’t watch Obama’s State of the Union address this week.

About 37.75 million viewers watched President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union address, which was aired live across 14 broadcast and cable networks.

That was down 12% from last year’s speech,  and down 21% from Obama’s first State of the Union in 2010.

No, I wasn’t watching the LA police torch Christopher Dorner.

I was watching a Castle re-run … and, proud of it.

I am a bit disappointed that I missed Obama refrain his signature line that his free-spending on a smorgasbord of whacky programs “won’t add one dime to the deficit”

Yeah, right.

The GOP was quick to pounce with a commercial showing Obama  spin that whopper several time over the years.

click to view

The ad points out that the deficit has increased more than 58 trillion dimes since Obama took office.

Maybe that’s what he meant … that the programs would boost the deficit by a couple of trillion dimes … not just one dime.

Where was Joe Wilson last night?

Maybe he was home watching Castle, too.

P.S. To the President: if there are programs that can be cut to fund these whacky programs, why not just cut them and reduce the deficit?

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