Promo: Is that burger grease on your book?

Here’s a promotion that’s likely to cause some commotion.

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The Telegraph reports that McDonald’s is about to become UK’s largest book distributor.

Say, what?


Here are the details …

In the UK, McDonald’s is going to stuff 15 million books into Happy Meals … a series of non-fiction books from DK Books’s Amazing World series, including Stars and Planets, Big Cats and Oceans.

The campaign aims to encourage families to enjoy reading together.

Hard to criticize any program aimed at families and reading.

But, there will be critics since the books are enticements to get kids to woof down food that some folks tag as unhealthy.

It’ll be interesting to see if the books have the same drawing power as, say, a Sponge Bob toy.

I’m rooting for Mickey’s books, but betting the under.

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